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Mentalese Database Engine

Welcome to MentDB (Mentalese Database). The platform provides tools for AI, SOA, ETL, ESB, database, web application, data quality, predictive analytics, chatbot ..., in a revolutionary data language (MQL). The server is based on a new generation of AI algorithm, and on an innovative SOA layer to reach the WWD.

Mentalese is the language of thought structuring the human brain. This language is able to accommodate different common languages and allows autonomy in a machine.

WWD literally means 'World Wide Data'. It is a global strategy. A concept of widespread standardization of the exchange of data or intelligences between companies and softwares in the world.

  • AI
  • SOA
  • ETL
  • ESB
  • Data Quality
  • Web APP
  • Predictive Analytics
User Interface
Java Swing
Programming Language