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ebookutils is a collection of utilities which are useful for working with ebooks, specifically the REB1100/1150/1200 models made by RCA/Gemstar in the early 2000s.

Cyber Manager

Cyber Manager (v1.0) is a "Free for All" open source web application designed and developed for cyber cafe managers built with an aim to help them in managing their cyber cafe in a much efficient and better and smoother way.
3 is a framework to create and use interactive instructions for any field of application. The project offers free webbased software to create and publish XML documents along with multimedia.


HelpDEZk is a powerfull software that manages requests/incidents. It has all the needed requirements to an efficient workflow management of all processes involved in service execution. This control is done for internal demands and also for outsource…

Scenario Editor And Visualizer

Software Assistive Systems supporting visualization, simulation with aid of virtual reality could possibly enhance the experience and thereby enhance the speed and characteristics of the learning process. For the inclusive systems this means to make…


dbGames es un sistema CMS con red social para la recogida de información de videojuegos con control de colecciones, microblogging, sistema de noticias, fichas de juegos, sistema de votaciones, etc.