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FXTurns-n-Layers is a graphical transformer and induction coil design aid. The program allows you to determine: the length (feet) and weight (lbs.) of wire needed to wind a coil. The program calculates the coil's finished dimensions and total resist…

Program Aplikasi Sistem Informasi (R)

Pasir = Program Aplikasi Sistem Informasi dan Inte(r)operabilitas. and eGov interoperability project under Indonesian Gov, advisor from Canada Goverment (CIDA)


This is a clone of the game "Falldown". You control a ball that is constantly falling down, towards platforms that are coming up towards it.

3D Graphical Map Viewer

The g3DGMV program was designed as a free viewer for Digital Elevation Model (DEM ) and Digital Line Graphs (DLG ) maps. Both of these formats are available from various locations on the web. These maps can be viewed from various angles.

ABK Orkut Editor

-=[ABK]=- Orkut Editor A simple Text Editor enabling you to quickly format your text to edit as per formatting tips of ORKUT, to use it in SCRAPS/POSTS on

Ryu/x86 OS

Ryu/x86 OS is more or less an OS kernel, drivers, and shell for the x86 (386+) architecture. Written mostly in C and assembly, it is targeted at OS enthusiasts who wish to have a simple framework on which to build larger, more functional OSes.