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kimsQ is the CMS(Contents Management System) solution to produce and manage for contents easily. Enable to build website quite quick and easy. Support to make Blog/Community/Portal and extend Internet shopping mall/Groupware using extension.

Script php Adopcion de Mascotas

script creado para facilitar la busqueda y adopcion de los animales domesticos, cuenta con sistema de usuarios,listado de animales,clasificacion por raza/edad/barrio/historia entre otras cosas... cualquier ayuda sera bien reciba, gracias por apudar.


DogBoardGame is a rebuild of the Dog game from Switzerland. It is a four player Board/Card Game based on a web service and a graphic user interface.


The ADS-LIB-PHP project aims to create a base library of PHP5 classes and functions that serves to support well-structured application development practices especially for use with "CAAT" (Computer-Assisted Audit Tools & Techniques) applications.

A framework for RESTful web applications

This project is for developers who wish to build php applications following the REST architectural style. It tries to make it easy to build RESTful apps. It is in some ways inspired by ruby on rails.

Astal Helpdesk

Astal Helpdesk is a enterprise-grade help desk software written in PHP. Its main features: 5 types of users, ticket lock functionality, 15 designs pre-installed, installation service, custom template design service. It is commercial open-source s/w.